4 SEO Tools You Must Learn To Optimize Your Website

4 SEO Tools You Must Learn To Optimize Your Website

SEO isn’t a one-time task. The world is producing content rapidly and search engines are working overtime to rank websites. However, minor adjustments to your website can make a world of difference. SEO tools help you identify essential factors that affect your website, such as loading speed, content issues, Meta tags, linking, and crawlability. Here are some of the tools recommended by SEO agencies in Toronto you should learn to use to optimize your website.

Moz Link Explorer:

A link analysis tool is essential for an effective SEO strategy. When evaluating a website, a link analysis tool should consider the authority of the page as well as the security standards of the domain. This tool also includes reference links and provides alerts on possible errors or improvements to the content. Moz Link Explorer is a simple yet powerful tool to use. If you’re not familiar with this tool, take some time to learn how to use it to your advantage.


If you want to improve your SEO efforts, Ahrefs is an essential tool. It compares traffic to keywords, referring domains, and links, and helps you determine low-hanging fruit. Ahrefs’ Content Explorer can be particularly helpful for newbies, as it can help identify articles, images, and videos that are relevant to your niche. You can even use Ahrefs to find relevant content to include on your website.


When it comes to SEO, landing pages play a crucial role. While a great landing page can increase conversions, the success of your marketing campaign rests on how effective it is. Unbounce offers various marketing and promotion tools that are optimized for search engine optimization. Its built-in “Smart Traffic” feature helps you identify potential customers and push them down the funnel. According to Unbounce, it can deliver a 30% conversion lift.


While there are many ways to optimize your website, CanIRank stands out from the crowd. It can help you analyze over 200 different factors that determine your ranking in search engines. Moreover, it also gives you clear data and step-by-step action plans. Its action plans are updated automatically, so you don’t need to spend hours researching and reading reports. In short, CanIRank gives you the most accurate data you need to improve your ranking.

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